Deidre Arianne Kellog, Choreographer and Artistic Coach: Minneapolis

I use the Kefty because it is lightweight, easy to use properly, and helps keep your alignment while exercising. It is also ideal for my Multiple Sclerosis fatigue because you can do a few exercises at a time and rest. I can easily workout at home and not have to go to a gym. I like the fact that the Kefty is very Pilates based, which means slow and controlled movement, for a safer workout. I have a compromised immune system, so the fact that the plastics are RoHS certified (reduction of hazardous substances) means I don’t have to worry about toxicity. I love the Kefty. The design is brilliant.

Dr. Kevin Kelly — Physician, Minneapolis, MN

Dr Kelly MD 100x100 IMGIn the twenty five years that I’ve been doing family practice, over and over again, I see patients who’s main problem is an unhealthy lifestyle. When I recommend exercise to my patients, they either don’t have time for exercise, or they can’t afford a health club membership. The Kefty at home or work is both a convenient and an affordable way of overcoming these obstacles. Because of the Kefty’s light weight and versatility, I’d recommend it for people to stay in shape, or people just getting started, seniors, and people with mobility impairments. The Kefty is great for those who want a quick and healthy workout.

Johann Jack — Olympic Caliber Athlete & 23 time New England Record Holder

Johann Jack IMGI love the fact that Kefty combines total body resistance tension and Pilates core strength building in a complete home gym system – without the bulky equipment and hassle of the big gyms and gizmos. Kefty exerciser transformation system is quicker, convenient and I am able to feel and see results.

Michael Reid – Pilates and ballet instructor: Chicago

Michael Reid IMGThe minute I saw my first kefty, I was hooked. I was blown away by how well Kefty fits into both Pilates and ballet. There are so many compound Pilates exercises that can be done on a mat at home that do the same thing as expensive Pilates machines. In ballet, I can even use the Kefty as a dance bar. It’s just the right height.

Amara Hark Weber – Yoga instructor: Chicago

Amara Hark Weber IMGWith it’s light weight and adjustability I’ve been able to integrate the kefty into my yoga routines with ease. I like the variety it offers. And kefty’s low impact workout and quiet operation fits in well with yoga.

Jack Paar – Film Editor and Producer: Minneapolis

Jack Paar IMGI have eight herniated disks in my back from an accident. After using the kefty for only 4 weeks, my back has improved to the point that I’ve chosen not to pursue back surgery. I like the light weight and low impact nature of the device.

Wendy Packard

I have Spina Bifida and am in a wheelchair. Working out in a gym is very hard for me. Always having to try to climb into a contraption to help me work my arms and legs was more of a workout than the machine itself! I was always pooped before I even started working out. I had been looking all over for a piece of workout equipment I could use in my wheelchair, and the Kefty is just what I needed. The Kefty has helped me gain upper body body strength and has aided my mobility and ability to pick things up. My range of motion has improved. Thanks Kefty! – Wendy Packard- wheelchair user. Spina bifida

Michael Packard – Videographer, Practically Righeous Studios, Colorado

I’ve lost 35 lbs so far and the Kefty has been an integral part of my workout routine. I’ve lost 6 inches in my waist – down from I went from 48″ to 42″ in 4 months. I have a long way to go but the Kefty is helping me achieve my fitness goals. – Michael Packard

Tina Glover – Wheelchair user, C6 injury: Pine Grove, WV

It truly is an amazing device. It’s really light weight, I can flip it around and do all my arm, ab and leg exercises quickly, with no hassle. I have a Bowflex downstairs, but using it is difficult.  I really believe Kefty is going to be a big hit, especially for those who are immobile.  I am so thankful to have run across it.

Colleen – Senior Hairdresser, Kansas

I knew within minutes after playing around with my new Kefty it was really going to  fill a lot of gapswith my exercise routines.   It got me excited about working out again because along with new found strength I was also getting some good cardio going quickly.  It’s nice that  it is so light weight , doesn’t take up much room and it is  in the convenience of home.

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